message from director rims

It gives me an immense pleasure that RIMS, established in 2001 by HDRS, is now the leading paramedical institute of the province. It is imparting education in 12 different technologies and students are being trained in reputed hospitals of Peshawar. RIMS is an institution of highly professional, educated and dedicated people, committed to the task of promoting health education, being run on non-commercial basis.

Razi Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) has the honor as a pioneer in the field of paramedics education and training in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa by launching various diplomas in different medical technologies in the year 2001. Another step
is being taken in the right direction by introducing F.Sc ( medical technology course ) in the institution. May Allah help us to take on this endeavor as a milestone
in setting direction for a bright future of Paramedics.

Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Khalil
Director RIMS