aim & objectives

  • To provide medical services to the patients community of Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  • To provide medical services at the minimum possible cost to the patients.
  • To disseminate health education among the masses and help in eradication of ignorance, poverty and drug addiction.
  • To run the hospitals/ clinics on no profit basis and arrange maximum possible medical facilities in the present setup.
  • To seek donations, fund and other mean of support for the society to run the welfare project.
  • To establish peripheral clinics and medical centers in Peshawar city and other areas.
  • To provide educational facilities for medical and paramedical Nursing/LHV and other medical personnel in various faculties.
  • To provide relief to the victims of natural calamities in the region and carry out any such activites to help the effectees.
  • To carry out any other activity for the benefit of mankind in general and people of Peshawar in particular.
  • To conduct and drugs and sex abuses, violence against woman, child labour, HIV/AIDS prevention and control in collaboration with national/international NGOs government an UN agencies.