Discover Razi Institute's Excellence

When choosing the right paramedical institute for your healthcare education, the decision can be overwhelming. You want a place that not only offers quality education but also provides a conducive learning environment. In this article, we introduce you to the Razi Institute of Medical Sciences, a beacon of excellence established in 2001 as a mega project of HRDS (Human Development and Relief Society). Let’s explore what sets Razi Institute apart from the rest.

razi institute

About Razi Institute of Medical Sciences

Established in 2001

Razi Institute of Medical Sciences, fondly known as RIMS, was founded in 2001. This establishment marked the beginning of a journey towards providing quality paramedical education in the region.

Affiliation with KPK Medical Faculty Peshawar

RIMS boasts a strong affiliation with the KPK Medical Faculty Peshawar, ensuring that their programs meet the highest standards of education and training.

Registered with the Higher Education Regulatory Authority (HERA)

Being registered with HERA is a testament to RIMS’ commitment to maintaining educational standards and ensuring that students receive a credible and recognized education.

Why Choose RIMS ?