Curriculum Committee Terms of Reference


Curriculum committee will promote the continuous improvement of Razi Institute of Medical Sciences programmes over the quality of curriculum, teaching strategies and students assessment methodologies. Committee will also focus on improving accessibility and /or flexibility for students. The committee will also assist the institute in ensuring that that highest quality is consistently maintained in academic offerings.


The curriculum committee consists of:

  • Tasleem Akhtar(Chairperson)
  • M Ishtiaq Jan 
  • Sana Ullah (Principal)
  • Noor Ullah ( Coordinator Diploma Program)


The committee will meet at least once per year. Twice per year is highly recommended (one at the end of the fall and winter semesters).

Meetings will be called by the program coordinators.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Following all the recommendations and amendments in the program and course outline by Boards/University (affiliated).
  • Review data and discuss issues relating to:
    1. Students performance and progress
    2. Course delivery and resources needs, including lab facilities.
    3. Teaching strategies.
    4. Assessment and evaluation strategies.
  • Review data and discuss issues relating to learning and making recommendations for ensuring student success.
  • Review feedback from students and graduates to make more improvements.
  • Submit a report to the associated authorities.